A Good Start to the New Year!

First Order 2018

January is not always full of orders.  After the spending in December, many business face a lean time in January.  But the New Year has started very well for us!

We have just completed our first major order for for 2018.  English Oak Serving boards boxed up and ready to go, with the last of the boards needing to be boxed.

These English Oak Serving boards are locally made in Devon. No travel miles, no plastic and a quality product.


Pizza Board

Pizza Board

There’s nothing nicer on a cold January evening than to sit around with family and friends enjoying some pizza.  Last Saturday evening was just such an evening! Inspired by the many cookery shows on TV, I made the dough earlier in the afternoon.  Once it was baked, I was delighted to serve it on the Oak Board I have had in the kitchen since we started Something Wood, 7 years ago.  It has seen lots of use.  I have used it as a chopping board for much of the time.  It was on the counter ready for use. I have only used it to chop vegetables and fruit, never meat.  I do have another Ash board for that.

However, this board has doubled up as a serving board more than once.  It has been used to serve pizza, bought or homemade; used to serve canapes at a party as well as cakes and biscuits at another gathering.  So versatile.

I must admit I am biased.  I love this board, it has served me well over the years.  I haven’t done anything special with it, just washed it in the sink with some warm soapy water and it still looks good.  True, it has needed oiling every now and then.  But then it is easily done.