Wood Forever


Recently someone mentioned to us that they had bought a chopping board from a large company that specialised in budget accessories, only to find that the board disintegrated within 3 weeks.  This did not surprise us as many people will look at our boards and say they can get it cheaper at some or other supermarket.  But the question one must ask is – what is the quality? What is the product made of? Is it a soft wood, a composite or a lasting hardwood?

In a throw-away age, where nothing seems to have any lasting value, it is very sad that a hand-crafted item is put on the same value scale as the mass-produced products churned out in sweat factories in places where the worker and the raw material has been exploited.

If one is only buying something cheap made of inferior material, then indeed our products do not fit that individual.

Our products are made from sustainable wood, a very large majority of the wood used is obtained from trees that have suffered damage or where uprooted in storms.  A sizable percentage of this lovely old oak wood is bought by wood merchants who kiln dry it to resell as firewood.  Sometimes the most beautiful pieces of oak with interesting grain and shapes are chopped up and sold at not too cheap a price to go up in smoke.  Truly a sad situation!  However, we do understand that oak makes wonderfully warm fires, and people’s comfort is not something we discount.  That said, what is sad is the indiscriminate way all wood is being chopped up for burning with no thought of it’s beauty.

In a report published in the Daily Mail  “Now we learn that wood-burning is the single biggest source of tiny soot particles called PM2.5s — they are also emitted by burning coal and diesel — which go into our lungs and are said to be responsible for an estimated 37,800 premature deaths a year.” (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5760051/CHRISTOPHER-BROOKER-political-classs-obsession-global-warming-rotting-brains.html#ixzz5GKBbqDgF)

We support the efforts to protect the environment and our woodlands.  We believe that it is also time that more trees are planted.  In this way, the future will look better for many.  A bonus to this is the purification of the air with trees and the prevention of flooding, as reported in the BBC – Tree planting ‘can reduce flooding‘ Planting trees around rivers could reduce the height of flooding in towns by up to 20%, new research suggests. A study for the Environment Agency concludes that trees round a feeder stream can slow the rush of rainwater and save properties from flooding.(https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-35777927)

The Action Oak Partnership states – The UK has more ancient, native oak trees than all other EU countries combined and losing them from our landscape would impact our wellbeing, economy, environment and the hundreds of species that rely on them. In a statement of unity and defiance against the threat posed to the indispensible species, Michael Gove said: ‘Ensuring plant biosecurity requires vigilance between the government and industry.’

As another influential supporter of the campaign a 3D scan of Dame Judi Dench’s favourite oak tree has been used as the backdrop to the Action Oak display at Chelsea.Oak tree