What is in the name?

Is it Sycamore or Maple? Sycamore & Maple are both Acers. The trees are not so very different so it is understandable that there is confusion. But whatever it is called, it is a beautiful wood.

SYCAMORE is one of the favourite English timber species, native to the UK. It is a deciduous tree and fairly commonly found in well managed, sustainable woodlands.

As a timber it is a hardwood. The sap and heartwood have the same colour and visual qualities. It’s grain is broad, strong and vibrant. The overall colouring is a pale cream with the marked growth rings which are a rich red-brown. We think Sycamore is a very handsome looking timber. It is treasured for it’s delicate lustred colouring and fine grain.

SYCAMORE wood does not stain or taint food and stays smooth after scrubbing, so it is ideal for serving platters, chopping boards and other kitchen utensils.